Part V: The Ghosts of Christmas Past: In Search of Goodwin’s Ghost



I have felt the cold touch of a ghost that has sent icy chills from the back of my neck all the way down my spine, but I don’t believe it’s really “cold” even though it felt that way. If you’ve read my book, you know that I believe that a hypothesis put forth by an Einstein physicist has a lot of credibility: That our souls, ghosts, spirits, or whatever you would like to call them, are intelligent, electromagnetic fields. They are pure energy, with no physical characteristics. As humans we have to consume physical things, aka food, to break down into energy to maintain our physical bodies. As a ghost you can no longer consume food, but you would still need an energy source to be active. That’s why I believe that when a ghost comes near you, it draws heat energy from you—making you feel cold. Some ghosts are also able to drain batteries from cameras, EVP recording devices, and other types of ghost hunting equipment. Whether they do this because of a need, or a hunger for sustenance, or as way to prevent you from recording evidence of their presence I cannot say, but it has happened enough to warrant bringing extra batteries. So if and when you ever experience a “cold spot” in a room that is not coming from a physical source (for example—a poorly insulated window) then perhaps you are experiencing a ghost that is utilizing the heat energy in that area of the room to be active. In my second book I will show what I believe to be a second energy source that sustains ghosts—light—which is why I believe they turn on lights in the homes they dwell in. I also have no doubt that they have learned to tap into the electrical current that runs through our homes, but I have no proof . . . yet!

According to the physicist’s theory, ghosts can pass through solid objects because they are not affected by space. So if a ghost is next to you, you will probably feel a shiver down your spine (as I have) because he or she or they are absorbing your body’s heat energy—but what happens if they just pass through you? Do you still feel the cold? Have you ever felt like something has passed through you? The reason I ask is that I frequently get photographic evidence that ghosts pass through people, and I wonder what it felt like. Have they passed through me and I did not realize it? I have a photograph that illustrates what I’m saying. Of course, if I went up to the man that I photographed and said to him, “I have evidence that a ghost just passed through your head. What did it feel like?”—what do you think would happen? So I kept my mouth shut and went on taking photographs; thinking that one day, with enough photographic proof, everyone will realize that the paranormal is a reality. (But then again, there are those who still believe in a flat earth!) Take a look at the photo, keeping in mind that I had to black out the man’s face because he did not sign a release. Notice that the ghosts are traveling together, and it appears that they are flying just above the crowd that gathered to see the fife and drum corps, but have possibly passed right through this man’s head.

Here is a photo of at least two or more ghosts with a red/pink hue passing through a man’s head as he stood in a crowd awaiting the fife and drum corps. (I had to black out his face without a signed release.)


Having looked carefully at this photo, I’ll ask you, “Have you ever stood in a crowd watching an event? Have you ever felt like something has passed right through you? If you think you have, please tell me what you felt!

Now if you examine the photo very closely, you will see another man to the right with his back to the camera. His head is turned to the right, but instead of seeing his face, it has been covered by a very white ghost looking right at me that is standing there as if his/her face has melded to the man’s visage. I wonder if he feels anything at this moment in time? To help you see it clearer, I’ve cropped and enlarged that part of the photo below so that you can see. By the way, this ghost is looking right at me—I wonder if it knows that I’m taking its photo?

Here is a cropped and enlarged version of the first photo to show you the detail of another ghost whose face is partially through the face of a man looking to the left. Do you think he knows it?


So the next time you are in a crowd watching some sort of event, I can assure you that there will ghosts among the gathering—watching you—perhaps even passing through you! Remember, as you stand watching the event, they stand . . . watching you!

Yes the search for Goodwin’s ghost continues, with each journey yielding something odd, strange, and curious. Will I find the good reverend amongst the throng of ghosts in Williamsburg, or will I keeping finding things that bend and distort my (and your) reality even more? Stay tuned for more on Goodwin’s ghost!


After 2 years of research, a lot of experimentation, and over 10,000 photographs, check out the world’s first groundbreaking photographic study of ghosts: Haunted, Historic Colonial Williamsburg Virginia with Breakthrough Ghost Photography available at both Schiffer Publishing and at Amazon:





Tim Scullion is a published author, photographer, and musician. He is a graduate of the College of William and Mary, with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree Cum Laude. In addition to the book mentioned above, Tim has written a novel, a series of instruction books on the guitar, a children’s book (all available on Amazon) and has a photo-essay published by the University of Virginia in the book Troubled Times Companion, Vol. III.

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